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Business conditions

How to order the flowers as quickly as possible:


If you would like to register, fill in the user name and the password selected by you in the left part of the order form. Registration, however, is not a condition of placing an order. If you register, we will put you into our database of clients and we would be pleased to inform you of our special offers if you wish. Further, in case you would like to make another purchase, you do not need to fill in the information about you or the recipient. If you are not registered, please fill in all the required information about you and the recipient. In the frame "special instruction" you can write special details for the delivery and into the frame "congratulations, signature" you can write the text of the wish enclosed in the bouquet.

By phone

We are available for you by mobile phone at +420 776 148 400 or at the fixed line +420 233 351 234.


Please send us your order to info@kytice.cz  or  info@bloomies.cz.  Do not forget to state your choice of flower, the address of delivery, phone number of the recipient, time of delivery, your address and certificate of payment.

Personally in our studio

Address of the shop:
Na Cimbale 42, Prague 4
140 00
For ordering our products or services the following conditions are applicable, if not stated otherwise:

Delivery terms

We deliver flowers in Prague each working day between 8:00 and 20:00. The delivery may be carried out after the mutual agreement at any time during the night hours, weekend or state holidays.
We charge the fee of CZK 250 for express deliveries (i.e. 20:00 - 9:00), deliveries over the weekend and on state holidays, which is added automatically to the total price of the order.
Standard orders during the working days is split into four time zones:

9:00 - 11:00  - in the morning
11:00 - 14:00  - at noon
14:00 - 17:00 -  in the afternoon
17:00 - 20:00 -  in the evening

For delivery of flowers over the weekend, the flowers shall be ordered by Friday, 13:00. For the delivery during the state holidays the flowers shall be ordered by  13:00 of the last workday before the holiday, at the latest. The time of delivery on these days is determined based on the individual requirements of the customer.

The order will not be accepted until receiving the payment or a certificate by email. The prices of all the products and services stated on our web pages are valid during the whole term of their presentation.  In case of  delivery within Prague, the price of CZK 150 is charged for transport, and outside Prague the price is CZK 250. If you want to deliver the flowers on a holiday or at weekends, the delivery fee is increased by CZK 200.  We are a VAT-payer and all the stated prices already include this tax.
It is necessary that the customers check the delivery after its handing over. Later complaints made concerning the amount and kind of the delivered product will be not taken into consideration.

We do not take responsibility for late delivery if the mistake is on the side of the customer (stating the incorrect address etc.).
If the deliverer does not catch you at the stated address by the determined time, we will leave an announcement of this on site or utilize the kindness of your neighbours. We will contact you immediately and we will supply the delivery at another term determined by you.

As we are dependent on the import flowers from abroad, it may happen that the flowers will  not comply with the colour chosen by you. In case it is necessary to make a substitution, we will call you and we will try to satisfy you requirements.
Terms of payment
The payment for services and products may be performed in the following ways:

payment cards: Eurocard/MasterCard and VISA

Unpaid orders cannot be delivered and handed over.
If we are not able to carry out the order for any reasons, the money will be refunded back to you.
We guarantee that all the information stated by you on the web pages www.bloomies.cz or www.kytice.cz  is confidential and they will be not disclosed or otherwise misused.  Bloomies does not archive any information of data from payment cards of customers.
We can also send you, upon request, the tax document of the performed purchase.

General terms

While ordering our products or services, the following principles are applicable:
After confirming acceptance of the order (by phone or e-mail) with a delivery term shorter than 48 hours, the order cannot be cancelled any more. Cancellation may be performed maximally 48 hours before its delivery.

The replacement of flowers and gifts - It may happen that the delivered flowers or gifts may differ mildly from the products shown on our web pages. If a replacement is performed, we do everything to ensure maximum similarity of the delivery with the photographed goods. The replacement is with goods of the same or similar appearance, kind, amount and in the same or better quality. In case of the goods replacement in a larger extent we will inform you about this change each time before the consignment delivery. If you do not agree with the change, the money will be returned to you. (Goods replacement is performed very seldom; it may be performed, e.g. in case of an order with a very short term of delivery or an order to be delivered at night).

Our cut flowers are delivered fresh each time. Their quality is guaranteed for at least 3 days.  When handing over the delivery, our deliverer will be pleased to instruct you on how to take care of the flowers to prolong their lifespan as much as possible.
If you become our permanent customer or if you make an order exceeding CZK 10 000, we will be pleased to provide you a bulk discount.


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