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For the duration of our activity in the florist branch, we have had the honour to work for a number of less or more well-known personalities, restaurants, catering companies etc. Our work can also be seen in a number of social events, many of them of an international character. Our experienced arrangers also participate in various projects for TV as well as preparing flower arrangements for embassies etc.. We would be pleased if also you become our loyal clients and take advantage of our flower full-service.

Pražský Hrad
Intercatering s.r.o.
M Catering s.r.o.
Gastro Žofín
SauterRentsch Invest.
Rentsch Legal
Ernst & Young Audit, s.r.o.
Allen & Overy
Wood companyl
Hewlett – Packard s.r.o.
Microsoft s.r.o.
Advent International s.r.o.
HOCHTIEF Development
Sauter Consulting Group
BBH, advokátní kancelář, v.o.s.
Albatros design, s. r. o
Fortissimo Prague s.r.o.
Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak Republic, s.r.o.
Bayer s. r. o.
Gravity Facility Services, s. r. o.  
Rakouske kulturni forum v Praze 
Tesco Stores ČR a.s.     
Mary Kay (Czech Republic) s.r.o. 
AETNA, spol. s r.o.     
Vema, a. s. 






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